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How to make your own mask – guidance

It’s coming, so you might as well learn how to do it properly.

Making your own masks may well be the next big thing, if reports are to be believed, and again if we follow many European countries – some of whom have done a much a much better job of protecting themselves than we have – then it might be worth sharing this with your connections and those with some dexterous skills – and get them sewing!

I present here a series of documents and resources to help those with the ability to make their own protective masks. Bear in mind THIS IS NOT any form of medical advice, merely me searching through the Internet trying to get to the bottom of all this stuff.

As I run a digital agency I work online everyday, so I come across resources that – if I think they could be of use – I share.

Click here to download your copy off the official French instructions on how to make your own masks. (By a French company but not in French). These instructions have been written for manufacturing guidance, but the theory and the levels of protection are – in my opinion – very useful.

A full guide to mask manufacture

File name : AFNOR-SPEC-S76-001-Barrier-masks-27032020.pdf

Down the above document here:

If your preference is for simpler American advice then try this document.

A simple guide to DIY face mask creation

File name : DIY-cloth-face-covering-instructions.pdf

Produced by the Centre for Disease Control – CDC – in the United States. Download it here:

I hope you find these useful.

If you want to find out how the ‘experts’ use mathematical scenarios to understand an outbreak then maybe have a read of this – It’s a bit heavy, but for those who like a long and very detailed mathematical read – you might find it useful. Again I cannot say if it is correct or not.

How maths is used to calculate the spread of infectious diseases

File name : spread-of-disease-1.pdf

Download the above document here:

Hope this info helps you stay safe.

Remember I am not responsible for the content of the documents above. I have just located them. Copyrights are with their original owners.

If you found this useful then please share this post.

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